Sweet spots > everything else.

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“And it’s always, always about power. … Everyone has it. Not everyone knows how to express it. And high school is, institutionally and hormonally, an easy place to forget you have it, particularly since so many people are focused on establishing or abusing it. But the power people take from others is nothing next to the power that comes with simple self-acceptance, with being comfortable in your (changing) skin. It’s not just Survival of the Fit-ins. There’s room for something new.”
Joss Whedon

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I’m graduating in thirteen days.

I’m graduating in thirteen days.

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D: But come on, am I really going to study this weekend?
J: ...yes, you actually will.
I’m nervous for something, but I don’t know what for.

Okay, fine. I want it to be about this one thing or this other thing but I think know I’m so much more nervous about this entirely unrelated but totally relevant thing. But it should all be nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing.

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